Our Library of Answers to Your Auto Finance Questions

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Apply for Financing

Financing a car can be a stressful, confusing experience. At Indy Car Financing, we aim to take the mystery out of the process with a library of information designed to help you understand every aspect of financing, insuring, and maintaining the value of your investment.

Securing a Car Loan

Do you need more information about the best options for securing a car loan? We’ll cover everything from the main types of loans available, to getting affordable financing when you’re on a fixed income. We even have information on how to avoid auto finance scams, as well as a glossary of commonly used terms.

Secure a Car Loan

Bad or No Credit Auto Financing

We’ve all made mistakes. What can you do when financial issues affect your ability to finance a car? Our library will help you learn how to establish credit and how to recover if you’ve hit a rough patch and need to rebuild.

Bad/No Credit Financing

Car Payments

Are you better off with low payments, or shorter financing terms? How is your loan payment calculated? What’s the best way to pay off your debt? We’ll cover these questions and more, and help you understand what all those numbers on your note mean.

Car Payments

Vehicle Depreciation

What is depreciation and how does it affect the value of your car? How can you limit your car’s depreciation over time and make sure you get more from it when you’re ready to trade in? We’ll cover the definition of depreciation and ways to retain your resale value when you’re ready to trade-up.

Vehicle Depreciation

Automotive Insurance

Protecting your investment is important. We’ll show you how to calculate how much insurance you need and what to look for in a policy.

Car Insurance