When Should You Consider a Lease Over a Loan?

sales manager at a showroom car is worth to the buyerOne of the biggest decisions you’ll make when looking for auto financing is whether to lease or buy. Automotive leases are an attractive option that have been gaining in popularity in recent years. If you’ve considered leasing a car from your local Speedway dealer, read on and see if this option might work for you.

5 Signs You Should Opt for an Auto Lease Over an Auto Loan

While many buyers overlook their option to lease a vehicle, there are a number of benefits to consider:

  1. Lower Payments Fit Your Budget Better – When you lease, you pay for the depreciation of the vehicle’s value over the set term of your contract, which means that your payments are likely to be considerably lower than they would be if you were to finance.
  2. You Don’t Have Enough for a Down Payment – If your savings account is small and you don’t have the funds for a large initial payment, the low or no cost fees associated with a lease contract might work for you.
  3. You Upgrade Frequently – If you only plan on keeping your car for a few years, a lease will allow you to do that without the hassle of negotiating a trade-in.
  4. You Don’t Drive Excessive Miles – If you’re like most commuters and largely drive to and from work and around town, you needn’t be concerned with mileage penalties.
  5. You Save On Maintenance: Leasing can often be as affordable as paying off a used car, and yet, unlike many used cars, the majority of lease vehicles will fall under their manufacturer warranty for the duration of your contract, saving you thousands in repairs and maintenance.

How Our Counselors Can Help

Our counselors can show you the many lease programs designed for buyers just like you. Whether you’re interested in the low monthly payments, easy upgrades, low or no down payment programs, or the idea of driving a nicer car than you thought you could afford, we have an option for you.

Just fill out our 30-second credit app and one of our counselors will get back to you about your car lease options. Speedway drivers never have to worry that we’ll make them go it alone.

Indy Car Financing Has the Answers to Your Car Lease Questions in Speedway

Indy Car Financing has the deals to make your car lease affordable. Speedway buyers can stop by to see us at on-site at Andy Mohr Speedway Chevrolet, located at 5252 W 38th St. in Indianapolis, IN 46254. Call (866) 950-6810 or visit us online to speak to one of our financial experts and get started today.

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